Flicks of college life

Is college more about  being an “adult” than picking up information ?

Days beginning with alarm bells and for many with a joint and a cigarette. Figuring out the lectures of the day, chances of proxy and the number of classes already missed. All rushing to classes for attendance. A few young ladies giving a dash to their appearances and the rest not caring the slightest bit to such contemplations. Boys repeating their t-shirts and running with a notebook for every subject. Group activities stating forming a group of friends with a geek who has the sole obligation of finishing the errand. The breaks meant for gossips, crushes, smokes and munchies. Those privileged with mess food have now an in-built energy reserve mode.

The end of classes for the day calls for hopping on to favourite food joints. The joy there, is no less than any festival as the humongous victimization by the professors ends. Roaming around and wasting all the time with friends without doing anything and everything. And calling it a hangout. Facebook check-in, Snapchat stories, Instagram pictures and perfect hashtags.

Social life isn’t social anymore if it’s not there on your social media.

Returning back to hostels and homes within the time limit, or driving around with friends and beer or stacking the bag packs with daru and maal in light of the fact that the day hasn’t finished yet.

Getting into a college is more like buying a holiday package where you make the most of your existence with companions and everyday is a party. You almost do the same stuff what you did prior to attending college but now you are an “adult”. And therefore, you do it claiming yourself to be a pro at it now.

Well, these will soon become memories so just seize the day there!

Author: One Grey Girl

Well, an MBA by qualification. Young. Lazy. Observer. Logical in thoughts. Emotional in approach. Mostly Grey.

5 thoughts on “Flicks of college life”

  1. Brilliant articulation
    😊. Also I love the picture references, takes me back to the right place and memories 🙂


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