What we learnt from Friendship?

I have seen their lives changing from rushing to the classes and now to offices. Together we have been through the phase of eluding ourselves from lectures and binge watching shows and hibernating like a sloth. And then there’s this day where they crawl out of their beds and swiftly show up at their respective work stations. 

Friendship in college life has a lot to do with how we look up to our lives. We didn’t know what we were unconsciously learning in all of this. We leant team work while celebrating birthdays at midnight. We learnt how a little contribution by every one of us could make a difference and make someone feel so special. We have learnt supporting each other. At times, we also had to become a psychologist to reassure a broken heart. We learnt the significance of every penny that we spent, though we sucked at handling our finances. We realized letting go off somethings is the best sometimes.

We discovered our individual personalities. That stage has groomed us to what we are today. I guess, I won’t be wrong if I say we have mentally and physically evolved in these years. You had them in your thoughts while going through this piece of writing who unknowingly became an indispensable item in moulding our lives. 

Long live our friendships! 

Long live us!

Author: One Grey Girl

Well, an MBA by qualification. Young. Lazy. Observer. Logical in thoughts. Emotional in approach. Mostly Grey.

9 thoughts on “What we learnt from Friendship?”

  1. You made me emotional with this post.

    I have been in contact with majority of my school friend since Class 1. So it’s 35+ years of friendship together.

    And everytime, we sit and meet as if we are meeting in school time.


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      1. Can’t promise which I know I can’t fulfill totally but whenever I stumbled upon will definitely look at your post.

        When your blog grow, with 100+ liking and 50+ comment and 1000+ followers it’s difficult to look at all the post.

        Sorry have to be honest about it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s why whenever I am going to a blog, I try to look at least 2 to 3 post and reply or like on it. So to have a good connection with my fellow blogger.

        Usually due to shortage of time, those who comment will normally go to their page.

        But I try to go to reader, and read whatever best I can

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