Visit to an NGO 

Do you feel that disability strikes one when they are dumb, deaf, blind or physically handicapped? Don’t you think non-physical disability also counts? Some may have a mental disability, may be depression, or some other mental challenge.

Physical disability is tangible, whereas people physically abled but mentally sick for society are intangible and more problematic.

A fews days back I met a 7 yrs old boy of class 3 in a group of poverty-striken children. He was the most active boy in the lot. He was the one to participate voluntarily every time for the sake of getting chocolates as an award. The most enthusiast of all. And he was blind. Yes, never seen the world and aims to become a driver and writing all what he knew on his Braille script board. How shocking was that! Asking him his ambition shaked me badly. How can a blind person become a driver? 

Braille Script

 It’s been a few days since I last met him but there has been no day when I have not recalled him. He is an inspiring figure. Many would not be happy enough to see a new volunteer at their NGO where every other day someone visits with an ambition of making a change. But he was different. 

He was enjoying it and gathering what so ever he could in the span of three hours every day. How many other “normal” children did I witness with the same energy? May be none. He talked to me about his family, his aim, his interests, and not a single child there could match up to what his willingness of getting better with his skills. He showcased all what he knew being a class 3 child in his performances and his Braille script writing. But his understanding touched me the most. He wasn’t a handicapped child at all. But a special child with all his other senses funtioning too well to even match a “normal” person. His innocence and sincerity for life was something unmatchable. 

I didn’t know that a mere visit to an NGO out of nowhere will leave such a touching remark on me. Amish will always be dear to me for letting me know how to live your life being a “physically blind” or a “mentally blind” person.  I didn’t know what to teach him academically at the time when he taught me how to live and love life.

Love. Life. Laugh.

Ever had a craving for going back to sleep the minute you wake up? Actually no, not because you are sleep deprived or tired or a procrastinator. But since you would prefer not to live one more day flashing a smile on your face just for the sake of smiling. You look for a reason to be happy, yet you get none. 

And, you know what’s more challenging than getting up in the morning? It’s getting a peaceful sleep at night. Again, no, not because you are busy socializing with friends or finishing a pending task or watching a show. But since your brain is basically not prepared to quit thinking about almost everything. You change your side from left to right and right to left, yet no indication of sleep. You command your brain to stop it since you suffer less when asleep. You must have had some sleepless nights too. What were you thinking then? Disillusionment or regrets or lost opportunities? 

Is it accurate to say that you were self-destructive at some point? 

You can get away from those troublesome contemplations. Certainly, no, not by indulging yourself into alcohol, drugs or smoking. But, by taking the leverage of this pain and converting it into the fire to achieve what you truly deserve. The agony that you are experiencing is nothing against numerous others out there in the world. Push yourself towards whatever makes you cheerful. You know yourself the best. You are brave. You will do wonders. Wake up with an idea of winning the day. 

Experience the every moment you live.